Session Fee - $495

To book your session date, the entire session fee is required along with a signed contract.

This fee includes the following:

  • Professional hair & makeup
  • Access to our private studio
  • Access to our extensive client closet & styling assistance
  • Guided posing aimed to flatter your specific body type
  • A custom made preparation and styling guide
  • Same day viewing & ordering appointment
  • An empowering experience you won't forget

*Collections starting at $699.

On average, our clients invest around $3,500 total for their experience & products.


What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

When you book, we will provide you with a full checklist of things you'll want to do to prepare.
Some notable things on the list:
Please for the love of your skin, avoid sun exposure the week prior and do not use self tanners of any kind.
Wear loose clothing to avoid any indentations in your skin.
Drink ALL the water the week leading up to your session.
A non-skin-related tip: get f****ing excited.

Will you professionally retouch my images?

Yes! All of your selected images will be artfully edited. We also apply skin smoothing & remove any temporary blemishes.

Are you going to share my images?

As your boudoir photographer, it is our job to uphold the highest standards when dealing with discretion.Unless you sign a Model Release (separate from the boudoir contract) granting us permission to use your photos, they will be kept under lock and key. The only eyes that will see your photos are ours, yours, and anyone necessary in order to manufacture your album, prints, etc that you have purchased. With that said, most women end up allowing us to share their photos because they love them so much!

Will you help me with posing?

Part of our job as your boudoir photographers is to be knowledgeable with composition and poses. Not only will we verbally guide you into your pose, but we are very hands-on and will get into the position ourselves to show you, or (with your permission) we will physically adjust your body in order to capture the best image possible!

Ready to Be Empowered?